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After a forced lull and a general slowdown in cultural life, KalytaArtClub is cautiously restarting on Malopidvalna Street, 21.

Давид Шарашидзе Міметичний образ.jpg

+38 (050) 356 50 58

+38 (050) 310 57 78 

And now we are doing it in partnership with one of the most experienced companies in the field of tourism - the "Caravan" company, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary! This is our first joint and, so to speak, pilot project.

And two famous artists, David Sharashidze and Gia Miminoshvili, are piloting the ship with us. Despite the fact that only David Sharashidze's name is mentioned on the poster, there is no mistake here.


Gia Miminoshvili is not only a co-author of the exhibition, which is located on two levels and contains paintings, graphics and ceramics, he is a co-author of some of David's ceramics presented at the exhibition.
Images of Georgia are always present in the works of David Sharashidze. We always recognize this imitation, the reproduction of the Georgian tradition in his work.


Calling this exhibition "Mimetic Image", we assumed that the artistic image - everything you see in the exhibition - contains both the concept of mimesis (i.e. imitation) and artistic expression / image.

Давид Шарашидзе Міметичний образ.jpg
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