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Our mission is to root Ukraine in the world cultural space through the series of artistic events. We strive to open Ukraine to the world, to give the Ukrainian art of various genres and directions the opportunity to take place and develop in the world artistic context.

The main purpose of CDI is to promote Ukraine and the Ukrainian cultural product, to stimulate the development and acknowledgement of the Ukrainian visual arts, music, literature, art of cinema and theatre in Ukraine and abroad. Everything that gives the country subjectivity, presents Ukraine on the world map - and is claimed to be the main purpose of the Institute, in other words, it is the literal implementation of the Institute's slogan: "Making our voice heard by the world."

One of the CDI strategic tasks is to support Ukrainian artists and groups, to acquaint the world community with their creative work by organizing artistic events with the participation of Ukrainian and international cultural operators, current diplomatic structures and activists of the Ukrainian communities.

To achieve this goal, CDI acts as an organiser / partner:

  • in conducting national and international art exhibitions, plain airs, art residencies, concerts, film sessions and festivals;

  • in the preparation and publication of books, albums, catalogues;

  • facilitates the participation of Ukrainian artists and groups in the international festivals, competitions, art residencies for interaction with professional circles at the international level, the formation of sustainable professional communities and building long-term partnerships;

  • supports other forms of cultural and artistic exchanges between Ukraine and the world.


Proper PR-support and media coverage, multimedia recording of the project and distribution of the generated content in Ukraine and in the world are an indispensable condition for the implementation of CDI projects.

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