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Genius Loci

“Genius Loci” is an international art project that appeals to the concept of the sacred "spirit of the place" and its ability to attract prominent people and to affect on events. The project provides the broad thematic context, covering different layers of world and domestic culture.

The first season of the project took place in June 2015 in Italy, and later in Kyiv, and was dedicated to the outstanding screenwriter, poet and artist Tonino Guerra (1920 - 2012).

  • 2015, June, “Genius Loci / Tonino Guerra” - plein air in Italy, in Pennabilla (Emilia-Romagna) and Frontino (Marche).

  • 2015, July-August, publication within the project of a special thematic issue (№91) of the “Antikvar” magazine – “Genius Loci. Transforming space”.

  • 2015/2016, December-January, exhibition “Genius Loci / Tonino Guerra”, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Maestro’s birth, “Kyiv Art Gallery” National Museum, Kyiv (Ukraine).

  • 2016, February, “Genius Loci / Tonino Guerra” presentation of the art album, “KalitaArtClub Gallery”, Kyiv (Ukraine).

The second season of the project (working title "Copernicus is Revolution" or "Copernicus means Revolution") is dedicated to the prominent scientist - astronomer, mathematician, mechanic, economist and canon of the Renaissance, author of the heliocentric system of the world, which marked the beginning of the first scientific revolution and changed the global picture - Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543). The project will take place in Poland (Olsztyn, Torun, Krakow, Frombork, Lidzbark Warmiński), Italy (Bologna, Padua, Ferrara, Rome), Germany (Nuremberg) and Ukraine
(Kyiv) in 2 stages: research and open air and exhibition-publishing.

The project is under preparation.

The third season of the Genius Loci project is dedicated to the 125 th birth anniversary celebration of the world most famous Finnish architect and designer, Alvar Aalto (1898-1976). A. Aalto is a genius of the place not only for Finland, he is an iconic figure and one of the most influential representatives of the modern era, the person who created the concept and globally spread the "Scandinavian style / design". A true cosmopolitan, he had broad creative and business connections around the world. Alvar Aalto's diverse creative work includes architecture, design and fine arts. That is why the 3rd season of the project is based on the important for the artist idea of ​​"gesamtkunstwerk", the idea of ​​the art synthesis.

The project is under development.

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