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Topos of Yurii Khymych

“Topos of Yurii Khymych” is an international exhibition and publishing project founded in 2013 and has been implemented for many years and now in partnership with various cultural and diplomatic institutions both in Ukraine and abroad.


  • 2018, June-August, “TOPOS of Yurii Khymych / Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia”. Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Baltic States Independence. Sophia of Kyiv National Conservation Area, “Khlibnya” Gallery.

  • 2018, June-July, “TOPOS of Yurii Khymych / Budapest”, “KalitaArtClub” Gallery, Kyiv (Ukraine).

  • 2017, January - February, “TOPOS of Yurii Khymych / Finland” exhibition, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki (Finland). The opening of the exhibition took place during the official visit of the President of Ukraine to Finland.

  • 2016, November, “TOPOS of Yurii Khymych / Finland”, “KalitaArtClub” Gallery, Kyiv (Ukraine).

  • 2016, October, “TOPOS by Yurii Khymych / Finland” presentation of the catalogue and project, “Grun” Scandinavian restaurant, Kyiv (Ukraine).

  • 2013, June, “TOPOS by Yurii Khymych” presentation of the new art album, “KalitaArtClub” gallery, Kyiv (Ukraine) and release of a special thematic issue (№74) of the “Antikvar” magazine - “Town in a frame / urban landscape”.

  • 2013, May-June, “TOPOS of Yurii Khymych / Poland”, Galeria Marszalkowska, Olsztyn (Poland).

  • 2013, April, “TOPOS of Yurii Khymych”. Dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the artist's birth, “KalitaArtClub” Gallery, Kyiv (Ukraine).

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